Confessions of an Account Exec through the medium of Power Ballads by @leannebuchan

My obsession with the Power Ballad started around 8 years ago at my first job after uni. The office was generally a young crowd having all been recruited via some hideous away-day process where we had to spend 8 hours together and if we didn’t bitch, cry or moan we were rewarded with an 11 hour average working day at least five days a week. We were vastly under prepared until we discovered our saviour. Oh yes, a £1.97 double disc of Power Ballads from Our Price.

All thrown in at the deep end the old CD player in the centre of the office became our mutual safe-zone. The whole week was spent listening to the wise old music of Account Directors and Senior Designers but when Friday came it was our time. Friday was sign off day and our deadline was always 10am and almost never met. This was due to a rather vengeful client who knew when our deadline was despite us lying and saying it was at least 24hours before this.

Come 12noon after a frantic morning of too-ing and fro-ing with the client / getting screamed at by studio we’d pulled together and turned it around. This called for a reward. This called for celebration. This, called for POWER BALLAD FRIDAY!!!!

The much coveted and slightly battered bargain bin CD of soft rock would make it into the CD Player and we would bask in its camp glory, pulling the air as we printed out next week’s work programme knowing that it was just 6 more hours until we could take ourselves to The Bridge.

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1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

The client is being unreasonable, the account director is demanding they pay for every teeny tiny amend, studio are refusing to take any more amends, the proof reader is backed up and everyone is having a massive stress. But we’re almost there. C’mon account execs you can do it!!!

2. Wind of Change – Scorpions

The storm is calming. We can smell a change in the air. Designers are no longer yelling, the phone has stopped ringing with amends, the client has finally agreed to pay for every amend they made and we’re almost there.

3. Show Me Heaven – Maria McKee

A little bit of a two step shuffle to studio with the last of the client amends and a note saying they don’t need to see it again. All is calm.

4. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

But then we get the fear. It’s a little too calm and we have a lull where we’re waiting for the amends to come back for the final check. What if something is spelt wrong and we have to go back into studio? What if one of the images isn’t cropped right? It’s like living in a powder keg and giving off a spark…

5. Take my Breath Away – Berlin

The moment has arrived. You return from the vending machine of glory to find an email waiting. You open it up, watching in slow motion as it unfolds. The beauty of the ASDA Warrington leaflet makes everything else pale into insignificance.

6. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

But the job’s not done just yet. A quick run up the stairs to proof reading and another nail biting half an hour wait.

7. If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher

The time has to be passed somehow so a team meeting is in order to work out how we can improve going forward. We need lessons learned and a clear indication against KPIs to measure significant ROI.

8. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship

We’ve learnt lessons, going forward we will be better. Our job is back from proof reading with no amends. We can finally dare to utter that hallowed word: APPROVED.

9. Africa – Toto

A good account exec leaves no man behind. It’s a race against the clock to have every job approved by 5pm ready for artwork on Monday.

10. I Touch Myself – Divinyls

We made it. 5pm is here all jobs are approved and the mood is, shall we say jubilant…

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One thought on “Confessions of an Account Exec through the medium of Power Ballads by @leannebuchan

  1. Hahaha, excellent, never knew you guys did that, every space there seemed to have its own groove… except the IT room because Jeansie couldn’t work with music playing gaaaaaah :~(

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