Yorkshire by @MadeInYorksTV

Hello Leeds Playlist, this is the MadeInYorkshire.TV‘s¬†Yorkshire playlist, it’s bands all with something different to offer and all based in Yorkshire!

The styles of music range from country tinged folk, to electro pop/rock… Within our selection, there are artists from all over the world, from New Zealand to Scotland, Wales, to California but it seems that Yorkshire is a great hub for all… and clearly where the best music is made :p

There’s also one thing all these acts have in common- they have all played, or are set to play Oporto Bar in Leeds – Crazy stuff! ūüėČ

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  1. China Rats РTo Be Like I
  2. Ellen & The Escapades –¬†Always In My Heart
  3. Bruno Merz –¬†Nine Sixteen
  4. Sketches- Your Name Upon It
  5. The Crookes- Backstreet Lovers 
  6. Gary Stewart- Blue
  7. Cave Birds- Some Lightening Thrill
  8. Sam Airey – The Blackout
  9. Paul Thomas Saunders- Appointment in Samarra
  10. Hey Sholay- Wishbone
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