Guilty Pleasures At The Movies by @RevPLane

Here’s @RevPLane‘s version of this brilliant theme, first posted by Phil Wall here.

Why these 10? Why not! Terribly good, terribly cheesy sometimes just terrible! But… What they have in common is their ability to tickle my face or tug at my heart.

The Scarlet Buccaneer is a film that I saw by accident in the 70s – but the tune is fabulous, it builds to a triumphal jaunt – Move over Jack Sparrow. Xanadu – Disco meets electro-pop, costumes, rollerskates, Art Deco and ONJ as a goddess = Totally feel good! Superman 2 – The theme is classic John Williams and the trumpet is magnificent. Unchained Melody – From Ghost. One for the ladies and the sensitive men too – Be honest you cried when you saw Sam go to heaven didn’t you? *sniffs* Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – This is the film version, with lyrics and women rolling around on the floor – Guilty and pleasure for every teenaged boy in the 70s and 80s! Night Fever – From Saturday night fever, because sometimes you’ve just  got to strut! Don’t walk away – ELO music plus Don Bluth cartoon = movie magic (also from Xanadu!) Make someone happy – From Sleepless in Seattle. Tom and Meg for me are perfection, just when you think the cake is finished Jimmy Durante places this beautiful icing on the top. Take my breath away – Top gun’s finest tune and the ideal modern slow dance for a wedding. The best for last – Love is in the Air 🙂 I LOVE Strictly Ballroom *There I said it!* and this John Paul Young song is the Happy, happy, HAPPY climax of the movie as Fran and Scott unite the divided dance community and commit themselves to each other and their new steps 🙂

*I have to go now, I’ve suddenly got something in my eye* Enjoy.

YouTube playlist


01, The Scarlet Buccaneer
02, Xanadu
03, Superman 2 Theme
04, Unchained Melody
05, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
06, Night Fever
07, Don’t walk away
08, Make someone happy
09, Take my breath away
10, Love is in the air

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