Guilty Pleasures At The Movies by @_inmediares

This theme was first posted by Phil Wall here and is proving very popular as other playlisters send their versions.

Jo @_inmediares gives us her top ten soundtrack selections with not a hint of shame! OK maybe a hint…

YouTube playlist


1.      Glenn Frey — The Heat Is On (from Beverly Hills Cop) – I will bounce up and down on the bed to this. What’s not to love. 

2.      Starship — Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (from Mannequin)  – First vinyl I ever bought. I’m not proud.

3.      Chopsticks scene (from Big) If you didn’t love this film when you were growing up you have no soul.

4.      Peter Gabriel — The Book of Love (from Shall We Dance?) A real guilty pleasure. Long story short, Richard Gere is taking secret dancing lessons with Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon finds out. I bawl uncontrollably at this clip. Every. Single. Time. 

5.      Doris Day — Whip Crack Away (from Calamity Jane) ‘Last to the bar’s a three-legged crow.’ This is weekend sofa TV from my childhood. I’d clear an afternoon for it.

6.      Amy Holland — Iko Iko (from K-9) Will get stuck in your brain.

7.      Devo — Girl You Want (from Tank Girl) Terrible film. Awesome song.

8.     Tia Carrera — Ballroom Blitz (from Wayne’s World) Cue air guitar.

9.      Cher — The Shoop Shoop Song (from Mermaids) Speaks for itself.

10.   John Hiatt — Have a Little Faith In Me (from Benny and Joon) Wacko boy meets wacko girl and irons toast. 

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