Leeds: Living For The City by @airadam13

Here’s my entry for the current Leeds Playlist challenge! Descriptions below…hope you like!

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  1. Corinne Bailey Rae – I’d Like To 

    For my money, one of the best to ever come out of the city. We used to know each other back in the day and went to the same high school too, so it’s great to see the success. Lyrics on this one are great, can totally relate to the picture she’s painting!

  2. Nightmares On Wax – Finer

    DJ Ease is a Leeds veteran and so influential to the music that would eventually be labelled “trip-hop.” Love the spacey, head-nodding flavour of this one.

  3. Joseph Cotton – King Selassi I Live

    When I was a kid I would hear this bassline *everywhere* – coming from the distance, stereos in the street, cars driving by – and I wondered why everyone was listening to the same song. I was too young to realise that in reggae, a riddim is reused on multiple songs and this one, the “Answer Riddim” is one of the all-time classics! Could have chosen from dozens of songs here.

  4. Redman – Time 4 Sum Aksion

    Not an obvious one, but this song was *huge* with people I knew who listened to Hip-Hop. That summer at Carnival, the sound system on the basketball courts at Potternewton Park has some DJs actually playing Hip-Hop so all the young guys were up there, and when this song came on the whole place erupted! Slamming, jumping all over the place, dancers getting knocked down…just pure exuberant energy! I always remember that day when I hear this.

  5. Breaking The Illusion – (Deadly) Serious

    BTI were a pioneering crew out of Leeds who put out a couple of great EPs. P-Wiz also used to run Urban Rhythm Records in Leeds, where I used to spend my little pocket cash on vinyl. All of it, in fact 🙂

  6. Scritti Politti ft. Roger Troutman – Boom! There She Was

    A Leeds-formed band, in collaboration with one of my favourite musicians of all time. Neither Green Gartside or Roger could ever be mistaken for anyone else vocally, just two gifted and original performers in an unexpected combination!

  7. Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene 4

    Well, definitely not a Leeds man! I picked this because one of my teachers at Leopold Primary got me into Jarre and taped me a copy of the “Essential…” compilation and I’m still a fan to this day. I still envision that 90-min tape copy whenever I listen to that album, even though I now have the vinyl! I spent so many hours listening to Jarre in my parents’ house, I couldn’t not choose one of his tracks. Besides, it’s the perfect soundtrack to the Inner Ring Road trench…

  8. LFO – LFO

    Another trailblazing Leeds outfit, even though I wasn’t a big dance fan I absolutely loved this record when it came out! A year or two later I got the chance to meet DJ Martin who was one of the writers and producers on this track – he lent me some great Hip-Hop records and was the first person to show me what recording/producing equipment looked like and give some explanation how it worked – this is before people just downloaded cracked software!

  9. Utah Saints – Something Good

    Everyone of a certain age will remember this one, great dance record from Leeds that I slept on at the time as I was just focusing on the Hip-Hop. This is the kind of thing the kids in my year at high school (Allerton) loved.

  10. B.T.I., J-Bravo, Prophetic, Chamberz, Alterain, Agent M, Danger – Crazy In Leeds

    Look at the title. Do I even have to say anything?

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