Women I’d Quite Like To Be by @Wandapops

Today is International Women’s Day! To mark the occasion I’ve compiled a playlist based on @GeorgianaFleur‘s fabulously popular theme Women I’d Quite Like To Be. You can listen to her playlist here!

As Georgiana knows, 10 songs is not enough to make a list of inspiring women in music. But I’ve done my best and after about 1000 edits, here they are. Some of the songs are about celebrating being a woman, and the artists are all iconic in different ways.

Wendy James who fronts Transvision Vamp has always been a favourite of mine. I loved her for making my name sound cool and screaming like a punk when she was a pop teen really. I saw Grace Jones perform at Wireless Festival last year. She’s almost 60 years old and she was hoola-hooping on stage in a leotard singing Slave to the Rhythm. Wow. Then there’s Gwen Stefani who I love for pouring her heart out through her lyrics, and looking A-MAZ-ING while she does it. Beyonce was my girl crush of last summer as I watched her Glastonbury performance (sadly not there live). She was the first female in over a decade to headline the Pyramid Stage, and when later I found out she was pregnant doing all those moves on stage, I was in awe. Florence – I love her weird voice and her crazy style. She looks like she’d be fun to hang out with. Bjork is in my opinion a creative genius, always pushing the boundaries of music. I’ve loved M.I.A since I heard this track on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, and even more since she disgraced herself at the Superbowl, the rebel. Annie Lennox – a true British icon in music and a passionate activist. Her voice is full of emotion so I’ve tried to pick an upbeat one here! Betty Boo – I am still in love with this woman. When people call me Wendy Woo (which they often do) I like to think it brings me a bit closer to becoming Betty. This track is so deliciously 90s! Last but not least we have Madonna who is very much still at the top of her game. I chose this song as a rousing female anthem to bring us back to the theme at hand. I thank you!

Listen on Spotify and as a YouTube playlist


  1. Transvision Vamp – Baby I Don’t Care
  2. Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper
  3. No Doubt – Just A Girl
  4. Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious
  5. Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over
  6. Björk – Army of Me
  7. M.I.A. – Paper Planes
  8. Annie Lennox – Little Bird
  9. Beatmasters featuring Betty Boo – Hey DJ / I Can’t Dance (To That Music You’re Playing)
  10. Madonna – Express Yourself

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