H2G2 by @LeedsBookClub

Please find my H2G2 (otherwise known as The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) playlist below!

Obviously, I should have included a version of Journey of the Sorcerer – the theme to the radio show – but I couldn’t find the *right* one so instead you got a second Coldplay song. I’m not even that big a Coldplay fan, I just happen to love both of these songs. And as bands go – these guys seem to be quite the H2G2 fans themselves.

Right. So. Here we go.

Rather than a big long thing, I’m just going to highlight how these books fit into the extended ‘verse!

Listen on Spotify and as a YouTube playlist (make sure you watch the final one – its a stuffed singing turtle!)


1. Don’t Panic – Coldplay

If you know the books, then I don’t even need to tell you why this song is included. If you don’t know the books…GO READ THEM NOW!

Originally this was just a decent if somewhat enigmatically titled song. In recent years I believe that the band have admitted that this song was indeed inspired by the Hitchhikers Guide. Grab your towels people, the adventure is just beginning!

2. Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Actually my first ever H2G2 song, Radiohead were the coolest band on the planet when I was a teenager. Heck, they still are. This the first single from OK Computer is wonderfully dramatic and weird and moody.

3. 42 – Coldplay

For afficinadoes, this is officially the only answer to life, the universe and everything. My second Coldplay song, I’m including this one because…well…it’s really pretty.

4. Grand Hotel – Procol Harum

One of the songs that Douglas Adams listened to that in part inspired the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. This was Procol Harum’s 7th album, marking a new direction and more stable line up. To be honest, I’d have loved to include the song that was banned by auntie Beeb for referencing venereal disease…but this was the more apt.

5. – Restaurant at the End of the Universe

This folky, poppy, country song is one of those things that just makes you smile. If your me. I know others who are less enamoured.

They are clearly tasteless weirdos… *ahem*

Granted I only found this song because I was searching for ones on the theme, but still…gotta fin music somehow…

6. Reasons to be miserable (his name is Marvin) – Steve Fry

Marvin’s reflections on life. This 1981 song is a veritable classic for a reason. Though I would’ve LOVED to have had an Alan Richman version…

7. Food, sex and Ewe – NOFX

Also fans, this song clearly references the band reading the books to pass the time. They were obviously in a Zaphod Beeblebrox frame of mind.

8. One Trick Pony – Paul Simon

Douglas Adams listened to this album throughout witing the second book in the series. It’s so weird to me. Just not the sort of music that I would have associated at all!

9. Tunnel of Love – Dire Straits

Referenced in So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

10. So long and thanks for all the fish – Neil Hannon

I LOVE THIS SONG! Used to cap off the most recent film, it’s the perfect combination – Neil Hannon nails it, the lyrics are a thing of awesome, and it all fits perfectly.

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