My Leeds Playlist by @claire_cameron

Here it is: my selection of the cream of the Leeds Music Scene crop! I really like all of the artists I’ve included which is why I’ve listed them šŸ™‚ Ā Interestingly it didn’t take me that long to compile, which says to me that these are all really strong songs both in their delivery and their performance. Ā A really great song should leap into your head as soon as you think of the artist, which is exactly what happened when I sat down to think about which Leeds artists I’d like to include.

I would recommend going along to live shows from all of this lovely lot (unfortunately you won’t be able to see Mishkin anymore..sob šŸ˜¦ but they will beĀ ResurrectingĀ as new bands I think!), and if you want to hear my thoughts on each song I’ve include a note next to the video. Enjoy!

YouTube playlist


  1. Mishkin: Elevate
  2. Jasmine Kennedy: Cardigan Sweater
  3. Sketches: Bleed Victoria
  4. Hannah Trigwell: Headrush
  5. Kava Kava: Clarity
  6. Tom Attah: Long Time
  7. Miranda Versus The Crok: Enough is Enough
  8. Lifescreen: Opting Out
  9. Hayley Gaftarnick feat Shane Durrant: Forgive Me
  10. Black Diamond Bay: I Won’t Forget You

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