Leeds by @Opera_North

Not only are we ourselves inspired by Leeds and its music scene, but as a performing company, we feel we are part of that scene. So our list comes together from across Opera North, across age groups, across interests and represents a little bit of the people who work here, but also what we do – from classical to contemporary, indie to inspired.

It includes some of the ‘wow’ moments of opera in Leeds, some of the highlights from the Howard Assembly Room’s programme here in the heart of Leeds and some personal Leeds journeys, including discovering the Bridewell Taxis, enjoying The Wedding Present, and soaking up U2 in Roundhay Park!

YouTube playlist


  1. (Bizet) Carmen – Ouverture
  2. The Bridewell Taxis – Just Good Friends
  3. Lambchop – This is Corrosion (The Sisters of Mercy cover)
  4. iLiKETRAiNS – The Beeching Report
  5. (Beethoven) Fidelio – The Prisioners’ Chorus (O welche Lust!)
  6. The Wedding Present – Shatner
  7. The Unthanks – Here’s The Tender Coming
  8. Dhafer Youssef Quartet – Odd Elegy
  9. U2 – Angel of Harlem
  10. Scritti Politti – Jacques Derrida

Follow @Opera_North and visit their YouTube channel www.youtube.com/SeeMoreOpera


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