Leeds Colours by @iangwilson7

I liked the idea of the good folk of Leeds compiling personal playlists…so I took it a step further. I thought, why not fill it with tracks from Leeds based/linked artists? So I did. The result is probably not the best playlist on here, but it’s certainly within the spirit of the concept.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought. For a start, I needed to find Leeds bands with material on Spotify. Then search for the colour related songs. The resulting list probably over represents bands pre 2000, because that’s when I did most of my gig attending (I’ve seen at least 7 of these acts live in Leeds), but it’s a perfectly listenable playlist, and I hope you give it a chance.

More importantly, I hope it inspires others to try something similar, not necessarily on this theme, but maybe future ones. I’m sure I’ve missed a few bands with great material, and I’d like to hear music from Leeds bands I’ve not heard – it’s an opportunity for people to highlight Leeds music from all periods and genres.

Listen on Spotify


  1. New Gold Dream 81,82,83,84 – Utah Saints
  2. Perfect Blue – The Wedding Present
  3. Purple Love Balloon – Cud
  4. The Blackest Lily – Corinne Bailey Rae
  5. Silver Lining – Gang of Four
  6. Colour – Delta 5
  7. Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs
  8. Red Alert – Age of Chance
  9. Beyond the Pale – The Mission
  10. Colours – Sisters of Mercy

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