The Final Frontier by @itoolan

From a period in time where we all looked to possible futures, rather than dwelling on the past, a collection of futuristic tunes from a time when we all believed that by 2012 we would all be living on another planet…

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  1. The Tomorrow People (Bendix) by Raymond Scott. Probably better known for his contribution to Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny soundtracks that were adapted by Carl Stalling, this advertisement says all there is to be said of how we thought about the future…
  2. Star Trek by The Vulcans. From the 1972 Trojan records, Star Trek inspired moog-reggae album. What more do you want?
  3. Magic Fly by Space. 1970’s disco never sounded so futuristic.
  4. Pot Head Pixies by Gong. Part of the insanely silly, but deliciously eccentric Radio Gnome trilogy. Be transported into the world of the Flying Teapot and the Octave Doctors.
  5. The Tomorrow People Theme by Dudley Simpson. Theme music to the marvellous 1970’s children’s TV series which features the exploits of the next generation of human development, the “homo superior” (?)
  6. Exploring Radio Space by The Soulless Party. An opportunity to shoe horn in a piece of music by my friend Kev, a self confessed “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” nut. If you like the sound of this, he is there on Bandcamp.
  7. Space 1999 Theme by Barry Gray. How much more funky could a 1970’s space based TV theme tune be? None.
  8. Masters of the Universe by Hawkwind. No compilation of futuristic, space based tunes would be complete without at least one track from the mighty ‘Wind.
  9. Space Oddity by William Shatner. After considering including David Bowie’s original version, it was decided that this version, performed by Captain Kirk himself, would be far more appropriate.
  10. Prelude/Outer Space/Radar-Bernard Herrmann. The Theremin soundtracks that enhance Bernard Herrmann’s film compositions, such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, are quintessential sounds to evoke the future.

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