Colour by @Hans_Bratwurst

So I’ve completed my Colour Themed Leeds Playlist. I enjoyed doing it, it reminded me of making mix tapes on cassette in my younger days.

YouTube Playlist


1. ‘The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth’   Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
The reason for including this song is first and foremost that I love the song which can be said of pretty much every song on the list. The band made this album off their own backs and distributed it themselves trying to get more gigs in New York. It caught on and became quite big, in an underground way. I love the songs intro which is why I have made it the first track on my list. I also like this track because I have yellow country teeth myself, I blame all the tea.
2. ‘The Boy With The Arab Strap’  Belle And Sebastian
This track is on here because it is probably my favourite song. My funeral song I suppose. It can calm me down if I’m pissed off, it can lift my mood if I feel a bit down. I love songs with good lyrics, I can’t enjoy music with bad lyrics.  Belle and Sebastian, especially their early stuff, is like poetry. The way I managed to crowbar it into the colour themed playlist is that it has the line ‘Colour my life with chaos of trouble’. This is featured in the god awful film ‘500 days Of Summer’.
3. ‘Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds’ William Shatner
I originally had The Beatles version but then stumbled across this far superior version on the YouTube. Shatner has a much better voice than John Lennon- that’s probably the main reason that this is a better version. The Beatles were singing about being on LSD, The Shat is singing whilst on LSD by the sound of things. I’ve been brought up on The Beatles, my parents house was like a shrine, covered in memorabilia. My Dad also got me into to Star Trek from a young age so this kind of combines my two loves. If you have never heard The Shats version of ‘Common People’ then you need that in your life too.
4. ‘Village Green Preservation Society’ Kate Rusby
Another cover version, I love the lyrics in the song. The original being by The Kinks. The Kinks are so English and sing about a fantasy England that doesn’t really exist but one that I would love to live in.
5.’Paint it Black’ The Rolling Stones
I couldn’t not have a Stones song on my list. This song is upbeat and a good song to get you going. The lyrics are all about an incident which nearly broke up the band.  The guys were really into DIY. They loved nothing more that getting out their brushes and doing a bit of painting. Mick and Keith had a huge fall out about the colour of the front door of the flat they used to share. Keith really wanted to keep the red gloss finish but Mick wanted to ‘Paint it Black’. Thank god they resolved the issue and went on to tour for the next 84 years.
6.’Rainbows in The Dark’ Tilly and The Wall
I’ve put it in there as hopefully people will enjoy it. Its a bit different. The band don’t have a drummer, all the percussion is done by a tap dancer. I saw them do thieir thing live at the Cockpit a few years ago. It was midweek and I really wasn’t in the mood. You know what it’s like, it seems a good idea at the time to buy the tickets but when the time comes and you’ve had a long day at work you just want to stay at home in jogging bottoms. But I ended up having a great fun night and walked out of the gig feeling lifted.
7.’Going For Gold’ Shed Seven
Britpop was a big part of my youth, I loved it all, at the time. I can’t listen to most of it now. I recently rediscovered this band though. I’ve spent many a drunken night singing along to this track. A couple of years ago Claudja and myself were at the bar in Leeds drunkenly talking about Shed Seven and mid sentence I realised that Rick Witter was stood next to us at the bar ear wigging our conversation. What are the chances? He was a nice chap though. It’s a good job we weren’t slagging them off.
8. ‘Colours’ Donovan
My Dad is a Donovan fan. He used to have a tape with a load of obscure Donovan tracks on which all had about 55 verses each and seemed to go on forever. He used to play them for me and my sister on long car journeys when we were kids. This was one of those songs, this one isn’t too long though and definitely mentions colours a few times.
9.’Pretty in Pink’ The Psychedelic Furs
I was an 80’s kid. I remember seeing the film from which this song is taken and thinking how cool it was even if I didn’t quite understand it. The song is typical 80’s tripe, ridiculously over the top but puts a smile on my face.
10. The Velvet Underground ‘Pale Blue Eyes’
I put this song at the end as I didn’t want my playlist to end with a massive 80’s saxophone solo. I wanted it to end on something a bit more mellow. There is nothing more mellow than a bunch of 60’s arty types recording music whilst on heroin.

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