Colours by @Decknologist

“I wanted to include some lesser known tunes that people were unlikely to be familiar with. It is a fairly laid back affair only picking up the pace towards the end of the mix. There are some direct colour references (DJ Food & Speech Defect) and others which just reference colours in the title or band name (Blade Runner Blues & Purple Penguin). It was mixed in one take using only real records.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. DJ Food – Colours Beyond Colours [Ninja Tune] Taken from the EP “One Man’s Weird Is Another Man’s World”. This seemed like an appropriate track to open a colour themed mix tape. It sets the tone of the mix.
  2. New American Orchestra – Blade Runner Blues [WEA] This is taken from the New American Orchestra’s LP of covers from the Blade Runner sound track. I love the flugelhorn on this track. It’s a record that gets played a lot in my DJ mixes. Usually I only play the intro but here you get the full track.
  3. DaM-Funk – Burghundy City [Stones Throw] DaM-Funk out of LA makes modern funk. His style is somewhat unique in these days of modern production techniques. He still plays old synths and keytars and is pushing a sound which is sadly in short supply these days. Check his album Toeachizown. This track was not included on the album and came out on 12″ only.
  4. Janelle Monae – Sir Greendown [Bad Boy/Wondaland] Archandroid was my favourite album of 2011. It came out in 2010 but I somehow managed to miss it. The whole album is simply fantastic but this is definitely one of my favourite cuts. I cannot recommend the album enough. Check it out.
  5. Fatima – Red Light [Eglo Records] This was produced by man of the moment Floating Points. Otherwise known as Sam Shepherd it features Fatima on vocal duties. She has a great voice and I look forward to her LP which is dropping in 2012. This track is taken from the “Follow You” EP.
  6. Purple Penguin – Tribhuwan [React] An old track from a React compilation I picked up a few years ago which has an Eastern flava. I like purple. I like penguins. It was an easy choice.
  7. Attica Blues – Blueprint (Accapella) [Mo Wax] I first heard this record back in 1996. It took me over ten years to eventually find it on 12″ (in Oxfam of all places). A beautiful track and no doubt categorised as trip hop these days. When I first heard it this encompassed everything I loved about hip hop. Great beats, great strings and that haunting vocal… this is the ‘accapella’ version so you’ll have to track the original down yourselves.
  8. Speech Defect – Holla At Your Favourite Color! [Handcuts Records] Everyone’s favourite Swedish hip hop crew. If you don’t know them check out their LPs. The title says it all really.
  9. Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply [Wild Music] An old-school classic. Colour related in name only. You have to love the ED 209 sample at the beginning.
  10. Circulation – White [Circulation] Circulation produced a whole slew of colour themed 12″s through the 1990s. White is on more of a disco tip than some of their other output and seemed like an upbeat way to finish off the mix tape.

Recorded live & unrehearsed by decknologist 15/1/2012
Made using real records.

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