Colourful Tunettes by @janeydodge

“My brain mostly stuck to the theme but Nancy Sinatra sneaked through on account of singing with Lee Hazelwood – you never know where *tunettes will take you… ”

*Tunettes is the art of bursting into song upon hearing random words or phrases that remind the sufferer of music. There is no known cure.

Listen on Spotify:


  1. Serge Gainsbourg – Couleur Café
  2. Frank Sinatra – My Blue Heaven
  3. Doris Day – Blue Skies
  4. Bob & Marcia – Young Gifted And Black
  5. Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
  6. Blondie – Call Me
  7. Blue Mink – Melting Pot
  8. Death Cab for Cutie – A Lack Of Color
  9. Nina Simone – Here Comes The Sun
  10. Aretha Franklin – Over The Rainbow – 2011 Remaster

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