Fanny Power! by @buffetdisco

The DJ triumvirate that is Buffet @bloodynoradj @jennyjetharris @emmabob3 have put together this Fanny Powered playlist to coincide with them taking over Shipley Record Club on February 25th (two albums are played in full and a third is put to the public vote here). It also provides a nice little run up to International Women’s Day in March…

YouTube playlist:


  1. I Do Ladies – GALITZA
  2. Rebel Girl –BIKINIKILL
  3. Declare Independence– BJORK
  4. Runaway – LADYTRON
  5. French Disko – STEREOLAB
  6. Fantastic Fabulous – LUSCIOUSJACKSON ft. DEBBIE HARRY
  7. Violence – WE ROCK LIKE GIRLS DON’T
  8. Devil Gate Drive– SUZI QUATRO
  9. Black Flag – DUCHESS SAYS
  10. Special Care – FANNY

Follow @buffetdisco  join the facebook group and listen to their ace radio show at 5pm every fourth Saturday on BCB Radio


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