The Red White and Blue playlist by @MarkParrini

Although slightly challenging (in a good way) its been great to properly think about music and memories. Can’t wait for the next one! Therefore, using the colour theme, my list is called “Red White and Blue”! Enjoy.
The list started off quite a bit longer!!!! – I removed anything with “Blues” in it!! Such as;
Natural Blues – Moby
Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
Bell ringer Blues – Grinderman
Yer Blues – The Beatles
And removed an album!

Dirk wears White Sox – Adam and the Ants

  1. Red – Elbow
  2. Red Red Rose – Hope and Social
  3. Scattered Black and Whites – Elbow
  4. White light / White Heat – The Velvet Underground
  5. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
  6. White Rabbits – Percussion Gun
  7. Powder Blue – Elbow
  8. Bullet the blue sky – U2
  9. Blue Blood – Foals
  10. Daydream in Blue – I Monster

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