No Speaky English by @MawScrawl

I decided to compile my playlist of artists from all around the world with most songs sung in their native tongue because, as we all know, music transcends all languages. Even if you don’t know exactly what the singer is saying you can still understand what they are singing about. Plus it’s fun to make up your own lyrics, LOLZ! Now get on it or get left behind.

YouTube playlist


  1. “Seeing Hands” Dengue Fever
  2. “Gobbledigook” Sigur Ros
  3. “Assassin De La Police” Cut Killer & NTM
  4. “Blimpe” Asa
  5. “Iron” Woodkid
  6. “Wot Pomp?” Die Antwoord
  7. “Avientame” Cafe Tacuba
  8. “Bre” Open Hand
  9. “Efuge Efuge” Stelios Kazantzidis
  10. “Shiki No Uta” MINMI

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