Colour Me In by @MawScrawl

I decided to select songs that make mention of a colour somewhere in the lyrics. Except Rothrock’s ‘Darker Blues’ which is an instrumental so it does make mention of a colour in the song title. So yeah, see if you can pick out the colours and stuff.

YouTube playlist:


  1. “Let’s Go To Work”
  2. ‘All Hands Against His Own’ The Black Keys
  3. ‘Love Tape’ The Pinker Tones
  4. ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’ The Flaming Lips
  5. ‘Darker Blues’ Tom Rothrock NOT FOUND ON YOUTUBE đŸ˜¦
  6. ‘Jeremy’ Pearl Jam
  7. ‘Zebra’ John Butler Trio
  8. ‘Soil To The Sun’ Cage The Elephant
  9. ‘Sound & Vision’ David Bowie
  10. ‘Are You In?’ Incubus

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One thought on “Colour Me In by @MawScrawl

  1. Pink, White, Yellow, Brown (etc)
    Orange (it rhymes with store you know)
    Blue (that was a gimme)
    Red, Blue, Black, White

    That was fun, I’ve not heard Jeremy in ages and it was the first time I’d listened to a couple of them at all.

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