Mitchell’s Colour Selector by @EwanMitchell

Please excuse the breaking of the rules so early on.  I am well aware that the Leeds Playlist is meant to be a collection of 10 songs, but when I saw that the first set theme was colours I was giddy as a kipper.  A few years ago I started making mixed CD’s using software that enables you to alter the tempo, pitch and volume of tracks so that you can overlay them cleanly.  To start with I was only interested in lining the tracks up, theme didn’t come into it.

Eventually, once I’d go my head around what I was doing, I started trying to be clever.  Picking songs by theme and “making” them fit.  One of the best examples of this is the Mitchell’s Colour Selector.  Based on a paint chart, not only pure colours are on display.  Shades like Chocolate, Ginger and Strawberry made the list along with speciality metallic paint.

To comply with the Leeds Playlist rules, I’ve split Mitchell’s Colour Selector in half and jettisoned two instrumental tracks; Red Face by Barigozzi Group and Golden Ratio by Lowgold.  Sadly I don’t have a copy of the original CD and the software sits on a defunct PC.  If it does turn up I’ll be passing it onto the Leeds Playlist curator so that you can listen to it in its purest form.

Mitchell’s Colour Selector #1 Listen on Spotify


  1. Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again – Bob Dylan
  2. Start wearing Purple – Gogol Bordello
  3. I am the Black Gold of the sun – Minnie Ripperton
  4. Can Blue men sing the Whites – The Bonzo Dog Band
  5. Yellow – Coldplay
  6. On Green Dolphin Street – George Shearing ft. Nancy Wilson
  7. Strawberry letter 23 – The Brothers Johnson
  8. Black Book – Stephen Malkmus
  9. The Bronze medal – Idlewild
  10. Golden retriever – Super Furry Animals
  • Red face – Barigozzi Group

Mitchell’s Colour Selector #2 Youtube playlist


  1. Chocolate – Snow Patrol
  2. Ginger – David Devant and his Spirit wife
  3. She’s White – Electric six
  4. Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver – Primus
  5. Blue – Elastica
  6. Silver – Nirvana
  7. Purple stain – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Yoshimi Battle the Pink robots Part 1 – Flaming lips
  9. Green tambourine – Lemon Pipers
  10. The deepest Blues are Black – Foo Fighters
  • Golden Ratio – Low Gold

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