Colour by @_inmediares

I’d love there to be a memory attached to each and every song on this, my first Leeds Playlist. I’d love for it to be a carefully woven narrative.

There’s none of that here.

My musical tastes are heavily influenced by an all-skin-and-bones hipster,  from way back when I was a bundle of teen-aged angst, leaving trails of destruction and all breathless and giddy on the crushing lows and intense highs of my first love.

If there is any background to this, and most likely any future playlist I create, creature of habit that I am, it’ll be this:

Me, aged 18, in my first flat, lying on my bed, on deep red blankets, squinting through beams of sunlight at mahoganies, Indian scarves and midnight-blue walls, my head between stereo speakers, smoking badly made roll-ups. Or else sat out on my flat’s fire escape (slash balcony), legs dangling through the railings, catching rays and chasing away last night’s Jack Daniels hangover with cheap red wine.

These songs, or ones like them, would be playing too loud, bothering neighbours, through open windows.

YouTube playlist


1. Massive Attack ‘Black Milk’

2. Peggy Lee ‘Black Coffee’

3. Nina Simone ‘Mood Indigo’

4. Kate Bush ‘The Red Shoes’

5. David Bowie ‘Golden Years’

6. Beck ‘Black Tambourine’

7. The Jam ‘Pretty Green’

8. Chet Baker ‘Look for the Silver Lining’

9. Devendra Banhart ‘Little Yellow Spider’

10. Bluebird – Buffalo Springfield

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