Guilty Pleasures at the Movies by @PhilWallArt

For the record, I’m not saying all of these movies are guilty pleasures, a lot of them are my favourite movies, some are terrible movies I love, can you guess which are which?

YouTube playlist


1. The Power of Love – Huey Lewis & the News

Film: Back to the Future.

“I always find when starting a playlist you need to get the attention of your listener from the first bar of music, and this song goes POW! Huey Lewis & the News baby.”

2. When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough get Going – Billy Ocean

Film: The Jewel of the Nile

“You’ve got to keep them interested and keep it up-beat, maybe get them dancing along. And who could resist when that synth comes in? And this songs got enough hooks to knock out King Kong”

3. You’re the Best – Joe Esposito

Film: Karate Kid

“We’ve got them riding on a cloud of awesome now, so we need to keep them there. Massage their egos with this little ditty.”

4. The Winner Takes it All – Sammy Hagar

Film: Over The Top

“Right, we’ve got their attention. It’s time to slam them from the top rope while they least expect it; air guitar soloing, chest punching, arm pumping indulgence right here (tongue-in-cheek).”

5. Burning Heart –  Survivor

Film: Rocky 4

“Okay, okay…We need to take it down a notch, testosterone overdose! But, we’ll keep their spirits high, this stomps along while we recover.”

6. The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough – Cyndi Lauper

Film: Goonies

“We’ve eased ourselves nicely out of the testosterone zone, and listen to this to detox. I don’t think this is actually a Guilty Pleasure, others would probably disagree.”

7. Magic Dance -David Bowie

Film: Labyrinth

“I don’t think the song or the film are guilty, Bowie can do no wrong in my eyes. But for the sake of that hair and cod piece, it isn’t exactly ‘street’ is it? Anyway, this will bring down the house, NO ONE can resist dancing to this!”

8. Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

Film: Top Gun

“OH NO! Surprise testosterone change, HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE…”

9. Theme From The A-Team – The Daniel Caine Orcestra

“Yeah, I cheated a little. This was from the series, but there’s no better way to near this playlist to the grand finale!”

10. Cry Little Sister (Theme from The Lost Boys)” by Gerard McMann

Film: Lost Boys

“It’s always best to leave them on a slow burner to calm the mood. But, it is essential to keep them thirsty for more! CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY Little Sister”

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