Colour by @fearfulpenguin

As soon as I saw the theme “colour”, I just knew I had to base my playlist around the best colour there is – rainbow!! There were several songs that jumped to mind instantly for certain places of the rainbow, so just needed to add a couple extra. That took care of 7 places fairly easily, but what of the other three? Well, it’s the end of a rainbow, so the answer soon became obvious. Hope you enjoy! 
  1. Red Morning Light – Kings of Leon
  2. Orange Coloured Sky – Nat King Cole
  3. Big Yellow Taxi – Counting Crows
  4. Green Eyeliner – The Hot Puppies
  5. Blue Moon – The Marcels
  6. The Indigo Swing – Indigo Swing
  7. Violet – Hole
  8. Gold Guns Girls – Metric
  9. Science is Golden – The Grates
  10. Gold Lion – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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