Run like the Wind by @bloodynoraDJ

I used to run a lot, but can’t anymore because of a boring and frustrating health problem. Anyroad, running for me was impossible without music, and I could not be doing with the high-energy gubbins they pump out in gyms. My all time favourite running track is Gay Bar by Electric Six – great for a quick burst of pace and fantastically entertaining to boot, but too off the track for this themed mix. The Fugazi track doesn’t fit in an obvious way either, but panting “I don’t want to be defeated!” to perfect a BPM works. So this play-list is quite simply inspired by running, but also inspires a run. It includes essential walking tracks to warm up and cool down, too!

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  1. Walk This Way – RUN-DMC
  2. Run Fay Run – ISAAC HAYES
  3. Time Running – TEGAN AND SARA
  4. Crazy Horses – THE OSMONDS
  5. Bed for the Scraping – FUGAZI
  7. Landspeed Song – TANYA DONELLY
  9. Speed Heart –BIKINIKILL
  10. Walk It Off – THE BREEDERS

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One thought on “Run like the Wind by @bloodynoraDJ

  1. I really liked this playlist, like you say a nice alternative to your average running list. A lot of the tunes aren’t ones I would choose to listen to myself but that made it all the more enjoyable. There are are few songs I have never heard before, I really like Track 6.

    All in all this was ace, wahey 😀

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